serger seamThe Serger better known as the overlock machine is not meant to replace the sewing machine, but to be an addition to your sewing essentials.

On zippers and top stitching you want to do it on the sewing machine but for your most delicate sewing features you want to use the serger.

Although in most cases the serger cannot do everything that the sewing machine can do but it can sure be a time saver.

The Serger helps speed up the process when it comes to hems and seams. It is a huge waste of time to try and sew it by hand or even on the sewing machine when the serger can sew like a seamstress.  By using a serger it has found it be a real life and time saver especially on those stretch materials you so need to seam.

The serger seams are remarkable; the seams are straight and gather well

The serger will generally use 4 threads and 2 needles. There are some machines that can also use 5 threads, and most machines have options that use 1 needle and 2 or 3 threads.

To get a better understanding of these types of machines use your common sense when choosing the right type of machine and what works best for your type of seaming needs.  Always regress your seams when using these types of machines.

Although the serger seems intimidating they really are not once you get the hang of everything.


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